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How to Play Pepper Panic Saga?


Pepper Panic Saga has brought in the much needed spice in the world of gaming. It is one of the most popular and free games that you could play online. This is a puzzle game where you will have to match the peppers so that they grow, burst up and make a series or chain. Just like every other game there are certain tricks and cheats that will help you to ace this game. If you are still wondering how to play this game and master it, then here is a Pepper Panic Saga cheats and walkthrough for you.

Pockie Ninja II Social Cheats and Walkthrough: An Overview

Pockie Ninja II Social Game

There is no doubt to one fact, games play a vital role in the overall development of one’s personality. The internet offers you an abundance of options allowing you to go for the games designed to boost the skill you wish to acquire. Pockie Ninja II is one such game.

Farm Heroes Saga: What You Need to Know


Farm Heroes Saga is a game designed by King.  It may appear similar to that of Candy Crush Saga in features. But, this is a match-3 game where you have to match fruits to assist the animals to drive away Rancid the Raccoon. The tutorial shown by the animal at the start of the game would be enough even for a beginner in the game.  However, if you are someone who wants to advance faster, you may have to depend on some walkthroughs and cheats available to download online.

Monster Legends Tips, Tricks And Cheats

Monster Legends Tips, Tricks And Cheats

Brief idea about the Monster Legends

This breeding game gives you the feel of playing Pokemon. Social Point has released this game after their much popular game Dragon City. Here you have to breed different types of monsters and bring them to the battle field to check their strength. So the game of Monster Legends is a punch of breeding and combat focusing more on the combat part unlike Dragon City.

Tips to Ace Dragon City Game: All Secrets Revealed!

Dragon City Cheats Tips and Tricks

Dragon City is a great new game which allows players to breed their own dragons. This is done in the lovely world of mystical islands. Players can also get into a duel to be proud owners of the team of best dragons. Dragons in the game belong to any of the below classes:

Candy Crush Saga: Tricks That You Never Knew

Candy Crush Saga Tips and Tricks

Candy crush saga has taken the game world by storm. For the many candy crush addicts then here are some candy crush saga cheats and hacks that will make you a score topper. These tips will help you to clear the screen faster and move up the levels quicker.

Pet Alliance For Android and iOs Users

Pet Alliance

Pets- cats, dogs or whatever kind they may be, seem to be a man’s friends, even online. Pet Alliance is another pet-related game that kids of all ages will enjoy. It can be played for free and downloaded on your favorite Android tablet, smartphone or any compatible device with a minimum requirement of Android 1.6 and up. But good news, iPhone and iPad owners can also enjoy this game with its iOS version.

Wind Runner Review


Wind Runner is one of the latest addictive games that you can play on your Android device or smart phone. It is readily available for download and it’s free!What’s the use of being a top notch gamer if you have no one to share your accolades to? Not with Wind Runner. You can play with your friends and challenge who’s the best! Test out and sharpen your skills and push your limit to come out as the top Wind Runner.

Phantasy Star Online 2 Races and Classes

Phantasy Star Online 2 Race

Last time we got a brief info about Phantasy Star Online 2. Today we will be talking about the different races as well as classes available in the game.

Cytus App Review: Music And Arts At Its Best

cytus lambda megaera

Have you heard about Cytus? Cytus is an exciting Android app that is already a huge addiction among users!