Another SimCity Coming This March

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With a lot of games getting back to their roots with new releases, the original city simulator has also been rebooted with a new SimCity game. The new SimCity looks to bring back the fun and the challenge of designing and running your own digital city.

SimCity Gameplay:

Much of what made this game so popular and successful has been brought back and incorporated into the new title. Even better news is that everything from SimCity: Societies has been dropped. While you’ll still have the ability to plan and design the ultimate city of your dreams with the kind of openness and control not seen in any other title, there are some dramatic changes that you’ll be excited to see.

For one, the old charts and data display techniques and tools have been tossed out the window. Too many people found them to be confusing, so now the same information is displayed right on the map with color coded regions. This makes city management so much easier, something you’ll look forward to with all of the other challenges you’ll have to deal with.SimCity Another SimCity Coming This March

While the original SimCity challenged you with all kinds of problems like crime, fire, super storms and even an alien attack, the new SimCity aim to push you with real world issues. You’ll have to deal with things like climate change impacts, the trouble of running an economy, and a million other things. These changes have very real impacts on all of the choices you make in your city, and planning is the only way to make sure your city can survive.

SImcity UFO 2013 Another SimCity Coming This March

SimCity Characters:

There are no characters in Si City, except for the little faceless people that live in your little digital world. You’re much more of a God-like figure in this game, putting all of the pieces of the environment down and then seeing what happens when you make adjustments. The AI is incredible though and will react to anything you do with the environment, making this one of the most fun games you’ve ever played.

SimCity Game Release Date:

The release date for SimCity is March 5, 2013 and will only be available on the PC platform.

As far as simulation games go there is nothing in the world quite like the power and control of SimCity. When you combine that with the super smart AI and crystal clear and detailed graphics, it’s going to be hard to pull yourself out of this game.

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