Avatar Star Class and Skills Guide

Different Classes in Avatar Star

It’s been a few days since I have introduced Avatar Star  and today, we will all be talking about the classes available in the game as well as their skills which they can use.

Avatar Star offers 3 classes as of the moment, the Gunner, Assassin and Guardian. Each class has their own set of abilities as well as weapons which you can use in your advantage in the game. Now you might ask which class would be the strongest and the best to use. Well that depends on who’s playing since each class has their own unique gameplay and it is up to you as the player to master their respective gameplay. Now let’s start with the detailed overview of the classes and their skills.

Gunner Class:

Gunner Avatar Star Class and Skills Guide

The gunner is somewhat the aggressive type of class which is often found in front of the battle field. They utilize their high HP as well as melee weapons to deal considerable amount of damage to their enemies. Their main weapon is the machine gun which can also be switch to a rocket launcher if you want to deal with crowd control.

Some of the skills available for the gunner class are Barrier, Haste, Perseverance, Blizkrieg and Damage Converter.

If you want to be in front of the action all the time, the Gunner Class might be a good class for you.

Assassin Class:

Assassin Avatar Star Class and Skills Guide

Assassin Class is probably the sneakiest among the other classes. Assassins can deal damage without anyone noticing it. They can either take down an enemy from a distance using their sniper rifles or deal a swift blow in a close combat using their deadly knifes. Assassins can also use hand guns which makes them flexible in both long range and close combat.

Assassin Class can also utilize deadly skills to help them take down their opponents like, Stealth, Fatal Shot, Poison Pierce, Deadly Sprint and Trap.

If you consider yourself a flexible player who can fight either close combat or from a distance, consider playing as an Assassin Class.

Guardian Class:Guardian Avatar Star Class and Skills Guide

The Guardian Class is considered to be the support class. They can either go out in the front lines to take down a few enemies or they can also assist other classes using their healing skills. Sub machine guns are the Guardian Class’ best friend accompanied by a shot gun for crowd control and a bow that has explosive arrows for dealing damage.

Guardian Class can use their skills to support their team like Battlefield Heal, Achilles’ Heel, Shockwave, Arrow Shower and Healing Beacon.

If you want a well balanced class, playing as a Guardian Class might be the best choice for you.

That’s it for now. We will be having a detailed overview of the skills next time.