Far Cry 3 Blowing Onto Screens this December


Beginning with one of the biggest buzzes building all through 2012 has been Far Cry 3, the latest edition of the cutting-edge shooting game. The rollout of the game has been excellent, from the sneak preview to the initial commercials. The role-playing aspect is state-of-the-art, with many more modes and strategies available to the player than previous generations of the game. Reviews across continents have praised the improved fluidity and freshness of the survival scenario, as this version moves the action from the African setting of Far Cry 2 out in a tropical area where the dangers and threats seem to carry more jeopardy than ever before.

Far Cry 3 Gameplay:

Forget about previous versions where characters scurried about like they had a stick up their bum. The movement in Far Cry 3 is as fluid as that found in any rival product in the current generation of computer game software. There’s a lot of rich, graphic detailed rendering in each setting, and lots of screen cues to help the player. As with previous Far Cry 2, the AI is very sophisticated and can move around or behind the main character to launch an attack at any time. The game also seems to control the tempo, but provides on-screen tips and heads-up information at each point.

If anything, there may be too much screen clutter, as the heads-up display can be considered much too invasive for the player who wants their immersion in the game to be unobstructed by messages or notes. That aside, the availability of the tutorials and tips ensure the player will stay on track in completing each goal, and eventually the whole game. The game also comes with multiplayer capability, so a player has a choice of going it alone from the start or in the company of several buddies trying to survive the environment.

Far Cry 3 Characters:

Far Cry 3 features the adventures of the shooter and main character Jason Brody, who continually finds himself emerging from some safe house or shelter on a tropical Pacific island. As he roams out into the jungle, he has to be ready and quick on the draw to shoot it out with any foe (the pirate group called the Vaas) or unhinged native he encounters along each landscape. Eventually (if he survives), he needs to rescue hostages and escape with those friends if he can. The tension builds throughout as Brody is under continual threat of being captured or killed by the Vaas.

Far Cry 3 Official Trailer:


Far Cry 3 Game Release Date:

As a statement to the care in which the game developers have put into this game, although they could’ve been making tons of cash selling it from its original release date on September 4, 2012, the creators chose to put even more finishing touches to the program and pushed back the American release date to December 4, 2012.

The game is M rated due to the blood and gore, nudity, strong language and sexual content that goes with the territory of storyline. Depending on the age of player, some begging or groveling before mom and dad will be necessary in order to get their hands on this of her first-person shooter experience.

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