Isaac Clarke Returns in Dead Space 3

Dead Space 3 Video Game Preview

The Dead Space franchise opened with a wildly successful first installment that spawned an animated film, an acclaimed sequel, and now, a third game. Dead Space focuses on the awakening of a hostile alien life form called the Necromorphs. These alien life forms have the ability to reanimate corpses and this is how they have been surviving. Players of Dead Space and Dead Space 2 will find themselves enjoying the game Dead Space 3. The main character for both Dead Space and Dead Space 2 return on Dead Space 3 only to find himself fighting a lot more aliens on Earth.

Dead Space 3 Gameplay:

 gaming dead set 3 screenshot 1 Isaac Clarke Returns in Dead Space 3

The gameplay in Dead Space has traditionally been focused more on survival in a hostile environment. This was what defined the first game and refined in the second game. Dead Space 3 focuses more on cooperative gameplay, with a lesser violent element. This makes the game a little more accessible for general audience, but some gamers still prefer the previous gameplay.  According to the developers of

Dead Space 3, they focused more on cooperative gaming while slightly toning down the violent aspect of the game.

Dead Space 3 Characters:

Dead Space 3 3 1024x576 Isaac Clarke Returns in Dead Space 3

Players once again find themselves in the shoes of engineer Isaac Clarke, the main character of both Dead Space and Dead Space 2. John Carver is also one of the new characters in the game. Carver is one of Isaac’s allies that helped him explore Tau Volantis in search of a way to eliminate the Necromorphs once and for all. Additional characters include Ellie Langford, one of Isaac’s allies from Dead Space 2, whom he has to save after crash-landing on Tau Volantis. Ornithologist soldiers appear to be enemies, but are non-playable characters that play relatively little role in developing the game’s storyline.

Dead Space 3 Release Date:

Dead Space 3 is was released on February 5th in North America, February 7th in Australia, and February 8th in Europe.

Dead Space 3 might have a different gaming experience compared to its predecessor, but one thing’s for sure. Avid fans of the Dead Space franchise have something to look forward to in the upcoming release of Dead Space 3.

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