Sword Art Online Infinity Moment Where Gaming Gets Real

Sword Art Online Infinity Moment Video Game Review and Game Release Date

Does the name Sword Art Online ring any bells? Originally it was a series of light novels that was adapted into an anime last year and has rapidly developed a large following. Building on that momentum, a new PlayStation Portable RPG game based on the same premise is now in the offing and will take players into the Sword Art Online universe – minus the need to hook themselves up with NerveGear.

Just to set the record straight, although it is called Sword Art Online, the fact of the matter is that this is not an online game, MMORPG or anything like that. On the contrary, it is a single player game with no known multiplayer gameplay.


Sword Art Online Infinity Moment Gameplay:

2  Sword Art Online Infinity Moment Where Gaming Gets Real

Very little is known about the exact mechanics that will feature in Sword Art Online Infinity Moment, but early pictures and the teaser that has made its way online seem to confirm that it is using party-based combat system.

full  Sword Art Online Infinity Moment Where Gaming Gets Real

The combat itself appears to revolve around various ‘sword skills’ that can be acquired based on the type of weapons that players use. A wide array of weaponry that includes axes, knives, rapiers, and dual blades are available and each will have its own unique skills.

sword art online infinity moment  Sword Art Online Infinity Moment Where Gaming Gets Real

Also there is supposed to be an AI communication system that will allow you to direct your AI partner while in battle.

Sword Art Online Infinity Moment Characters:

0gbhS  Sword Art Online Infinity Moment Where Gaming Gets Real Fans of the Sword Art Online anime will be happy to know that the main character in the game is still Kirito, a game beta-tester whose in-game persona is the Black Swordsman. His story is supposed to mirror events in the anime itself quite closely meaning that he will connect to the game world using the Nerve Gear technology.

Also Kirito’s partner Asuna will also feature in the game although reports seem to differ as to whether she’ll be a second playable character or an AI teammate.

dQOYq  Sword Art Online Infinity Moment Where Gaming Gets Real Whatever the case, the game story kicks off with players being stuck in an MMORPG known as Sword Art Online where one of its main dungeons, Aincrad, is being affected by a mysterious system error that has taken over 75 floors and is attempting to spread to the remaining 25.

Ultimately it will be up to Kirito to get to the bottom of what or who is behind the system error, which may or may not be linked to the Nerve Gear technology.

Despite all the similarities with the anime, there will be multiple endings that are affected by player choices and all new scenarios that will provide a fresh take on the story.

Sword Art Online Infinity Moment Official Trailer:


Sword Art Online Infinity Moment Game Release Date:

So far game developers Bandai Namco haven’t specified a release date though it is rumored that it could be released sometime late this year or early next year. As of right now it is only scheduled to be released for the PSP but Bandai Namco hasn’t ruled out the possibility of porting it over to the PS Vita if it is successful.

Already parallels are being drawn between this game and .hack (a PlayStation 2 game) and if you’re a fan of the genre or even just happen to like the light novels and anime – it is worth keeping an eye out for further details as they become available.

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