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After the success of the first Temple Run game in 2011, now we’ve got its successor, Temple Run 2. We think it may even be a bigger success than its 170 million download originator and dare we predict over 200 million downloads for Temple Run 2? Don’t hold us to that, but in its first 2 weeks out, TR2 hit an amazing 50 million downloads. Here’s our scoop on Temple Run 2:

Temple Run 2 Game Play:

Temple Run 2 for iPhone and iPad Take The Idol If You Dare Playing Temple Run 2

There’s no reason why Temple Run 2 isn’t going to be as addictive as Temple run 1. Imangi Studios played it smart by improving the hazy, undefined graphics of the first game into sharper, more realistic wood and stone looks. We think this is much easier on the eyes all around and like the defined look better than the somewhat wishy-washy appearance of Temple Run 2′s graphics. This new style of setting is perfect for the added adventures.

Temple Run 2 has the characters zip-lining down a rope and riding in mining carts in mine caverns. All this adds a lot of playing punch. We love the fun obstacles in Temple Run 2, but one of the downsides is the bothersome notifications, emails and texts that seem to lag things a bit. Imangi has provide a patch, but still, this lessens a little of the fun — but really, only a tad. Imangi has really improved on the movement of the characters. The running and jumping all looks much smoother, and since the characters do a lot of this, it makes a huge difference to the game play.

Temple Run 2  Characters:

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Temple Run 2 allows players to choose from 4 different characters, Dangerous Guy, Scarlett Fox, Barry Bones and Karma Lee, of course you need to unlock some of them first before you can choose them.

Smartly, Imangi listened to criticism on the characters in the original Temple Run and has fitted them with different powers. This is awesome as it allows players to have favorite characters. Although the giant monkey chasing the characters in Temple Run 2 is a little scary, we like the excitement it adds to the challenge of the game.

We really like the new choice and abilities of the characters. Plus, the overall graphics improvements seem to have given the facial features more realism as well. With the new power ups and added obstacle courses, this is one addicting game! We can’t say it enough that if you found Temple Run addicting, well clear your calendars for Temple Run 2.


Speaking of challenges though, a big controversy surrounding Temple run 2 is the “restart” ability fueled by gems and coins. Some gamers and critics feel that allowing players to restore life in a character who otherwise would be out is not allowing the development of skill-building and persistence. We agree at least somewhat with this criticism, but at the same time, hey, this is a fun game that in many ways succeeded its already great predecessor game. In Temple Run 2, players can buy added life to their character. Do you see anything wrong with this? Let us know in the comments!

BeatzGaming gives Temple Run 2 an 8 out of 10.

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