The Sims: The Third Installment – Review

The Sims 3

The Sims 3 is the third installment in the ever popular Sims franchise developed by Sims Studio at Electronic Arts.

It is available on all major platforms including Windows and Android Phones, Xbox 360, Playstation 3, Nintendo DS, Nintendo Wii and both PC and Mac.

As with any of the other Sims games in the franchise, keeping up with the ‘Sims’ in your games and helping them live their lives becomes overly fun and addictive. If you ever wanted to do anything from becoming a doctor or a sports star to staying home and being a stay at home mom, this game lets you live that out!

This is the most realistic life simulation we’ve seen on any gaming console or computer. You need to do everything you would do in your everyday life, from brushing your teeth to exercising to keep your Sim and their family happy and healthy.

Your goal in the game is to basically take control of a ‘Sim’ and live their everyday life. Keep them happy and healthy and lead them through their life while completing goals and challenges all along the way.

sims3 high details The Sims: The Third Installment   Review

Excellent graphics with high details

It is very impressive how many details, clothing and appearance and such you can customize about your in game character. From facial features, to body types, to clothing and personality, the list of customizable in game goes on and on. One of the most important aspects of the customization being the traits you choose for your character. These traits can change your characters performance at work (and such their ability to hold down a job!), how they behave around other characters in the game (the difference in your sim being a loner or having tons of friends), as well as their ability and skill set (giving them a green thumb or making them a fantastic athlete etc). This is the same when it comes to your characters home. Your characters home can be customized with everything under the sun, from carpet and wall fixtures, to toys and furniture, chances are if you can get it in real life, you can have it in this game.

The goal of the game is to set a lifetime wish for your character, and this is what you work towards throughout the game. You may want your character to end up having a huge family as a wish, or to be a rock star or professional baseball player, there are over 30 wishes that you can let your character pursue in the game, giving you lots of variety and making the game playable over and over. Especially considering the expansion packs available for this particular game which open up new challenges and stories.

This big change from this version of The Sims to the previous 2, is that in this game, your character can go anywhere in town, at anytime, without pause or loading screens. You’re not spending all of your time staring at one house hold anymore.

Overall The Sims 3 is a fantastic game for anyone in the family. Its easy to play and navigate with your character, and allows anyone to jump in and experience a life completely different from their own from the comfort of their own home!

Riding The Sims: The Third Installment   Review The Sims comes with many different extension: ‘World Adventures’, ‘Ambitions’,’ Late Night’ even ‘Pets’, a special add-on with new pets, animals and sim traits, create-a-pet, controllable animals like cats, dogs and horses. For instance ‘Supernatural’ add-on brings zombies and fairies onto the players screens. Exciting!

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