Witness the Rise of Kratos in God of War: Ascension

God of War: Ascension Game Review and Game Release Date

From the depths of the Underworld right to the heights of Olympus, Kratos has left a trail of death and destruction in his wake with every successive God of War installment – and he’s about to be back for more in the upcoming God of War: Ascension. Not only does this game promise to unveil a swathe of new features, but it also reveals a brand new story that will act as a prequel to the other games released thus far!

God of War: Ascension Gameplay:

Although God of War: Ascension itself still follows the third person action-adventure formula pretty closely, the gameplay has been revamped quite a bit. All in all combat seems a lot more fluid and based on the demos released so far, players are forced to time their actions themselves instead of being prompted to do so as in past God of War editions.

It should go without saying that Kratos still wreaks havoc on his enemies by chaining together combos, but he now appears to have a wider range of options when he does so – including the ability to pick up enemy weapons and use them mid-combo!

God of War: Ascension  also includeds a brand new multiplayer feature where players will choose to sell their soul to Zeus, Hades, Poseidon or Ares and gain a completely different set of abilities and combat style depending on their choice. From there on out they can level their champion and gain numerous bonuses when they do so including additional skills, armor, weapons, and so on.

God of War: Ascension Characters:

Most of the mainstays of the God of War franchise are expected to make an appearance in this prequel with Greek Gods such as Ares, Zeus, Poseidon, Hades, Athena, and so on featuring in some way or other.

That being said, the main antagonists of the series are the newly introduced Furies led by the deadly Megaera. Apparently the Furies are tasked with ensuring that mortals who sell their soul to the Gods pay up – and seeing as Kratos has sold his soul to Ares, he now needs to face off against these nightmarish creatures in order to break his bond.

Other classic icons from Greek mythology that Kratos will have to face along the way include the hybrid Elephantaur and the sea beast Charybdis as well as newly redesigned and much more ferocious Satyrs and Hades Talos.

God of War: Ascension Game Release Date:

According to Sony, the release and roll out of God of War: Ascension will begin on the 12th of March 2013 and will vary depending on the region players are in:

  • 12th March 2013 – North America
  • 13th March 2013 – Europe and PAL Regions
  • 14th March 2013 – Australia and New Zealand
  • 15th March 2013 – UK and Ireland

Prepare yourself for death, destruction and all-out war as Kratos rises up against the Gods once more!

Diehard God of War fans will be delighted to know that there will be a special Collector’s Edition that will include an 8″ statue of Kratos and a SteelBook game case. More importantly, exclusive digital content will also be available including double XP points for multiplayer, a DLC pass that will unlock all further DLC content at no additional cost, and much more.


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