Zenonia Returns With Zenonia 5: Wheel of Destiny

Zenonia 5: Wheel of Destiny Video Game Review

The highly-anticipated fifth installment of the Zenonia video game franchise that began in May of 2009 was finally released last November 29, 2012 within the Google Play Store.Since the Zenonia franchise debuted several years ago, it quickly has been able to skyrocket to the top of most gamers’ lists of preferences – which has spawned a total of 4 sequels now to allow players to extend their journeys and advance to the next stage of their quest.

Last year, when Zenonia 4 was released to the world, devoted fans of the franchise did not believe that it could get any better. The graphics and overall gameplay were amazingly sharp and crisp in a way that had not been matched by most other mobile games or applications in the past.

Whether they were beginners or experts at playing the game, it was extremely hard to turn the game off after it had been turned on. When word got around about this fifth installment, most fans had to battle with the emotions of excitement and reluctance because they were not sure if Gamevil would be able to top or even match their past endeavors.

Zenonia 5 Gameplay:

It doesn’t take long to realize that Gamevil successfully topped every other game that they have ever made when they released Zenonia 5. As soon as the game begins, you will immediately become enveloped in the game and find it extremely hard to put it down.

The gameplay is so smooth because the controls are user-friendly and can be mastered extremely quickly. On the left side of the screen, you will find your virtual joystick that is used to control your character’s movements and there is another button that is surrounded by several smaller buttons that can be used as your primary action button.

The fairy that follows you around throughout the game will become extremely helpful as you are playing, which you will find out very soon after you start playing. You can manage your supply of experience points, equipment, gold and skills to check the status of your saved journeys and you can quickly jump into all of the different bonus modes that can be unlocked as you progress through each level of the game. If you are a fan of The Secret of Mana or even Final Fantasy, you are guaranteed to enjoy the gameplay and overall gaming experience of Zenonia 5.

Zenonia 5 Characters:
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Zenonia 5 has a completely new cast of characters for you to fall in love with in this fifth installment. Evan the Mechanic is the main character but is supported throughout the game by Abel the Berserker, Neal the Wizard and Ryan the Paladin.

Gamevil has been able to continue their successful track record of amazing game releases by developing Zenonia 5. It is not available for Apple devices yet, but hopefully it will be released soon because everyone needs to have the opportunity to enjoy the overall gaming experience that Gamevil has created for the players of this product.

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